About Us

A truly Innovation Design

The Hummingboat was born from the experience of struggling with a heavy yacht tender that was impossible to drag up the beach and was dangerous to winch up onto the davits of our yacht.The heavy dinghy was also difficult to secure on ocean crossings and its weight would even alter the yacht's performance. 
Led by Simon McDonald, a serial inventor and entrepreneur, Aqua Laminates has focused on making the lightest dinghy/tender possible.  Simon, as a keen kite-boarder, brought the design of kites into the picture and the initial concepts were born.
The company has been working since 2017, improving the designs, and testing prototypes.  The company is committed to bringing to the New Zealand and international markets a new and exciting range of dinghies and tenders , which offer the key attributes of light-weight, a dry-ride, safety, stability and speed with great versatility and ease of use characteristics.